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. >> >> all right, still to come -- >> the next frontier in maryland. technology and the future, a closer look tell me you love me. tell me i'm beautiful. tell me we'll grow old together. in sickness and in health. tell me that i'm still the one. that you need me. that i'm your super hero! tell me you'll never let me go. tell me you miss me. that's all i need. [ female announcer ] for everything they need to hear this valentine's day there's a hallmark card. >>> it's 6:22, drone strikes are under the microsoap on capital hill. >>> drones can be used for more than military maneuvers and fighting terrorists abroad, now, the national weather service. even private businesses are exploring the use of drones here in the united states. could these eyes in the sky see more than they are supposed to in mike helgren reports on who is watching us and who is trying to stop it. >> reporter: becoming more common over the skies of maryland -- . >> this is the smoldering wreckage after a navy drone costing more than $170 million crashed last year during a test flight on mar
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Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2